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About Our Photographers

Park O. Cover

Today, I am the owner of Cover Studio, but in 1963 I was the 12 year old boy who hid in the darkroom waiting to leap out and scare someone. After school dismissed, I walked to the studio, not only to torment everyone, but help out in whatever way I could. I've been coming back here to work ever since.  

Amongst other things, I loaded film holders, processed film, and began getting behind the camera. After high school, I attended Penn State and UPJ; however, my heart led me to follow my passion for photography. I attended the Winona School of Professional Photography and the Triangle Institute of Professional Photography for many years. Building upon my knowledge, I studied under renowned, world-class photographers molding me into the photographer I am today.  

I've always said, 'Even if you're on the right track, if you're sitting still you're going to get run over by the train.' Therefore, I still participate in seminars to keep on reinventing what we have to offer. Times have changed and today everyone wants something cool and different, so I am constantly developing new ways to keep us cutting edge.  

I get my hands into everything going on at the studio, but my foremost specialty is that of Senior Portrait Artist, (S.P.A). Our new Woodside Studio has been an exciting place to photograph high school seniors. I like to turn the session into a fun and friendly adventure for the kids, hopefully making the experience more memorable.

Another rewarding and sentimental specialty is being a Copy & Restoration Artist. I enjoy performing the work it takes to create replicas of special family photos, so they may be enjoyed for years to come. Other specialties include Custom Matting and Framing, Team/Group/League Photographs, and being Mr. Fix It.

Anyway, the digital age has not changed the basic rules of photography. Photography is still about quality lighting and dealing with personalities. The format and tools may have changed, but you still have to know how to talk to people, take a good picture of them, make them happy, and make them look the way they want to look. I strive to provide all of that and more to each of our customers.  

Mark Martin

Well, I'm a good 'ole boy from Welch, West Virginia, making me the very friendly comedian of Cover Studio. When photographing people I often say, "Look right here at my ugly face!" That usually gets a good smile out of everyone.

My interest and enthusiasm for photography began when I took my first pictures at the age of 13, consequently preparing me to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. During my collegiate years, I worked in a camera shop, thus providing me with a lot of additional knowledge regarding cameras. For three years I lived in Washington D.C. working primarily as a wedding photographer. I also worked for Carnegie Mellon University as a Scientific Industrial Photographer for 10 years. Then in 1993 I started working at Cover Studio.

Today, I'm the guy who photographs high school seniors at our downtown studio, and I'm also the guy photographing weddings. I photograph all the Outstanding Young Women participants too. You'll see me behind the camera at schools taking activity pictures and dance photos. I'm the guy you'll most likely speak with on the phone, and the guy you will meet at our reception counter. Since I am the official "studio researcher," I am the go-to guy when it comes to providing information about specific features for any camera type.

I'm a super friendly guy, and I would do anything for anyone. I also have a 17 year old daughter, so I'm in touch with teenage and parent thought processes. Since I devote so much time and energy into ensuring our customers receive only the best, I often get mistaken as being one of Park's brothers, and I say, "Nope! Only for 5 days a week!" I am the "adopted" Cover.

Jane Cover

I was modeling at the Winona School of Professional Photography in Warsaw, Indiana when I met my husband Park. He photographed me as a bride before we were even engaged. We got married, I moved to Pennsylvania, and we began raising a family. During this time I helped out as needed, but I did not start working at the studio until 1992. Now I am the studio manager along with a little bit of everything else.  

Taking pictures only for pleasure, I handle many of the other "behind-the scenes" aspects of the photography business. Ensuring the longevity and safety of all our digital negatives, I am accountable for transferring the images onto the computer, burning them to a disc, and copying them to an external hard drive that goes home with me everyday. Next I retouch, and prepare all the images, which I then order from our lab. I also attend the Triangle Institute of Professional Photography to learn new tricks.

You probably don't want to know every single thing I do here at the studio, but if there is one thing you should be informed about, it is this. I dedicate tremendous amounts of time, energy, and efforts towards trying to make everyone happy with their final products. I handle everyone's pictures as though they were going to be displayed in my own home. I am a mom too, so I understand how we want life to be perfect for our children. I know that your child's senior portraits are an important milestone, and I have experienced the emotions of a child growing up and getting married. I want to use my know-how to help guide you through these significant times seamlessly and smoothly, so you may sit back and enjoy these special moments.

Molly Cover

Daughter of Park and Jane, I practically grew up in the studio, and as a result photography has been ingrained into my inner being. I've gone to the prom to assist with photographing couples ever since I was a little girl. Ok, so maybe I didn't actually help that much at the prom when I was little. Instead, I googled over the pretty dresses impatiently waiting for the day I could wear one, while making my own bouquet from all the flowers I found laying on the floor. However, amidst all my day dreaming, I began learning and developing the skills necessary to carry on the family business without even realizing it.

I helped out a lot after school and during the summers, and then off to college I went. I graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in Business, went out into the real world for awhile, and then ended up back at the studio just in time to enter the digital age.

Today I do a little bit of everything. I assist the photographers during senior portrait sessions making sure the hair, lighting, pose, clothes, and jewelry are just perfect. I help photograph weddings. I am the web-master and author of all the website text, so if you see any typos or have suggestions send them my way. :) I design wedding albums, make cool music videos for seniors, fix computer problems, develop marketing brochures, and create fine art. That's just the highlights of what I do, I don't want to bore you.

Every year I attend the Triangle Institute of Professional Photography so that I may learn the latest trends, techniques, and skills of the photography industry. Inheriting the obsessive and perfectionist qualities found amongst my family, I often drive myself nuts making sure everything is flawless. However, this works out nicely for you since you are on the receiving end of the obsessive/perfectionistic behavior. I just believe very strongly in the talent, skill, quality, and craftsmanship our studio has to offer you, thus driving me towards perfectionism. Plus I want to make sure you receive nothing but the very finest photography services.
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