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Our History

Location - 714 Scalp Avenue  - Johnstown, PA - Across from Anthony's Restaurant
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We began in 1941 when Joseph E. Cover, filled with a passion for photography, set out to establish a quality photography studio using his exceptional marketing expertise.  
Joseph E. Cover Photography began.

We soon settled into our 504 Main Street location, and in 1945 Joe photographed the VJ Day parade from the same upstairs windows we looked out of for 69 years.   The studio flourished with baby contests, beauty contests, and many other promotional activities.   This is when Joe's brothers Jim and Paul joined the studio.   We had our own darkrooms, processed our own film, and printed all the photographs right there in our own lab.   Since we were one of the very few photography studios in the area, we began bustling with activity, and two daily shifts of employees were not uncommon.

Tragedy struck in 1952 when Joe died suddenly at a very young age.   However, Jim and Paul kept the passion of photography alive and continued on with the family business.   In 1953 we became incorporated and took on the new name of Cover Studio.

All of Jim and Paul's children worked in the studio at some point during their lives.   Today that passion for photography is still running deep through the veins of Jim's youngest son, Park O. Cover.   He is now the sole owner of Cover Studio, and a most qualified and sought after photographer.

Park began working at the studio after school starting in 7th grade.   After high school he attended the Winona School of Professional Photography in Warsaw, IN.   This is where he met and fell in love with his wife, Jane, while she was modeling as a bride for a photo shoot.   Thirty seven years later she also is working in the family business.  

The studio entered the digital age of photography in 2001.   Invigorated by the  changes and challenges of this new technology, Park and Jane's daughter, Molly, joined the family business full time.   

In 2008 we decided to remodel a tiny old farmhouse located in the heart of Richland. Out with the raccoons that had taken up residence, we cleaned the place up, the original floor got refinished, and up went rough-cut siding. Our Woodside Studio was established. Today it is a popular setting for those looking for a rustic, yet varied, setting bursting with adventure.  

By this time we were completely immersed into the digital age with four state-of-the-art computers doing all the negative and film processing. Our darkrooms sat quietly, full of empty machines deprived of the chemicals needed during the days of the film era.   

We began asking ourselves...

- What does a photographer do with all this old equipment, once so valuable, now worth pennies?

- What does a photographer do with a library full of negatives dating back to the 40's, preserving thousands of people's family history?   

- What does a photographer do with generations of old yearbooks from local schools?     

After 68 years, we began pondering why we were still located at 504 Main Street in a huge, cavernous building full of stuff we no longer used, where, to quote a customer, you had to "climb 2 mountainous flights of stairs to get to us!"

Yes, from the moment you reached the top of that mountain, you were met with service, quality, and expertise comparable to no other.   We believed (and still do) in our past, our experience, how downtown used to be, and all that downtown Johnstown still has to offer.   From the moment you reached the top of our stairs you were greeted with the utmost attention and service.   You were provided with  quality, perfectionism, perseverance, courtesy, and professionalism.   These are the traits that have been passed on in the blood throughout three generations of the Cover family.    We are not happy until every necklace is straight and every shirt wrinkle is gone.

However, in 2009 we reminiscently decided to keep with the times and move to our present location at 714 Scalp Avenue, because these traits are in our blood, and we can provide the same quality, expertise, and friendly service at any location, especially one more conveniently located. So, we began major renovations on our 714 Scalp studio, relocated in May 2010, and had a ribbon cutting in June 2011 celebrating 1 year in our new location. 

Customers can now park right next to the door. Instead of climbing 2 mountains, you can now warm yourself by the fire, relax on our porch, or meander through our garden.  

You may no longer feel as though you have stepped back in time, or that you are taking a walk through history, however you are still stepping into an historic studio that is full of 73 years of photography experience and professional services. 

We know styles have changed since 1941, and we have changed with the times, but our quality still remains.  

From the camera room to the digital darkroom, we take great pride in bestowing upon your family a valuable heirloom.   Our photographs are an investment in your family's history that will be treasured for many generations.

Let us help you preserve your family legacy. 

Experience the Difference...the Difference is Cover Studio's Experience.
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